Remember those Dick and Jane books in first grade?

The happy family of the 1950’s?

My mother’s name is Barbara Ann.

My father’s name is Richard, but she called him “Dick.”

So I was more than casually interested in the characters Dick and Jane.

I asked my mother how she met “her” Dick.

It all began in this bedroom.


This room is now called The Count’s Room at Forgotten Seasons Bed & Breakfast in Lititz, PA. Count Nicolaus Ludwig Von Zinzendorf slept in this room in 1742. But for our family, this room carries an even more significant history.

Don’t worry, the story is very chaste.

The event was a “singing” for Mennonite young people held in various farm houses and hosted by parents of teenagers.

He was tall and handsome and had to stoop to look in the door of the “cloak room” –the bedroom designated as a place for guests to store their coats.

My mother was getting ready to go downstairs, looking in the mirror at precisely the spot on the wooden wall where that hook is now located.

She glimpsed a tall young man stooping and pausing at the threshold of the white door beyond.

She lifted her eyes and smiled, a story I recounted in Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World. It later became a joke because Mother thought her eyes hooked him. Daddy said it was her smile.

Not exactly How Harry Met Sally.

But that’s how Richard met Barbara Ann.

Forty six descendents and in-laws are grateful for that place, that moment.

Do you know the Magical Memoir Moment when your parents met? Do you have any such “meeting” stories of your own?

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