Seth Godin says that you can tell whether or not you have a tribe by discovering they miss you when you don’t show up.

I didn’t post last Wednesday, and I didn’t send out a Magical Memoir Moment on Thursday.

You probably thought I was just contemplating life beside the lake.

I'm living in the cottage to the left of the larger building. Photo take from the bridge between the Arboretum and the campus of St. John's University.

My home is to the left of the larger building.

Or watching the mist evaporate in the morning.

From my back yard.

From my back yard.

Actually, I was cramming.

I had agreed to give a Ten Talk — that’s like a TED Talk only shorter — at my alma mater’s homecoming.

It was the creative idea of the new alumni director and his team.

I flew back to Harrisonburg, Virginia, to Eastern Mennonite University, my note cards in my sweaty palm.

MC Eliza Heavener, Eric Kratz, me, Leonard Dow.

MC Liza Heavener, Erik Kratz, me, Leonard Dow. A major league baseball player on my left and a spellbinding preacher on my right. What great speakers, all of them!

Why did I leave my fall paradise in Minnesota to do this?

My alma mater asked me.

I got to see Stuart and other family members.

I love the challenge even though I knew it would stress me out.

It did!

I also had a good example of a blogger friend who gave a TED-X Talk.Below you can see Elaine Mansfield speaking from her heart without notes. I would love to give a TED Talk of my own some day.

Giving this kind of talk is much harder than the two kinds of public speaking I am most used to: extemporaneous and text-based.

You don’t really memorize a speech like this, but you have to control it because time is very limited.

I can’t share my own talk yet, since it’s still being produced, but I’ll share when it’s ready.

What good discipline it was.

And like most disciplines, it’s much more fun after the fact.

I’m adding the YouTube of the Ten Talks here on November 4, 2016. Hope you can enjoy all three. My speech begins at 26:10.

Are you trying to speak in a public voice in any new ways? Do you have any tips for our readers? Do you have any favorite TED Talks to share?

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