See how yellow this cartoon is?

The darkest areas are tape that is no longer transparent after a decade.

A cartoon placed on my desk by my colleague Amy when I began blogging.

@2007 Isabella Bannerman. Used by permission.

My colleague Amy clipped this image out of a newspaper ten years ago when she heard I was thinking about becoming a blogger..

For some reason, I kept it.

I could not have known, then, that I would spend a whole semester in close proximity to a group of nuns.

Nor could I have predicted the evolution of subject matter from memoir to joyful aging.

The cartoon heralds another evolution, announcement.

I’ll be blogging less in the next year.

I like my friend Dora Dueck’s term “occasional weblog,” indicating no commitment to regularity but still staying in touch.

After publishing more than 600 posts, usually every week, I’m ready for a different pace.

 I’ll have a new subject: what it’s like to take care of a baby, again.

All of the subject changes of the last decade have been related to each other.

The theme of jubilación has included a sub-theme of grandparenting: “Like leaping into heaven.” 

Six years ago I documented a year (GrannyNanny Diaries) of helping to take care of grandchild #1 while living in Brooklyn for a year.

We are going to repeat that experience with grandchild #3. On August 1 we move to Pittsburgh for a year to help take care of her.

But first, she has to be born. 🙂

Any day now we expect to hear she’s on her way.

We’ll help welcome her home and share those exciting, nervous, first days and nights.

Then we’ll embark on a 12-day Nordic Cruise, followed by a week in Norway.

Expect to hear from me sometime in August, after we’ve taken up residence in a one-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh, just up the street from Kate and Nik and Lydia.

In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful summer. May it be full of joy and adventure as well as quiet pleasures and rest.

I liked the cartoon so much, I purchased the rights to this color version.

Love to hear from you. If you blog, what does this cartoon say to you at this stage in your development?

And to all: what are you planning to do with your “wild and precious” summer days?

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