Remember the old Life cereal commercial? “Mikey likes it!”? Here it is again.

If Mikey likes it, it’s got to be good.

Well, in memoir query critique, if Marla Miller likes it, the same is true. She’s a tough critic, but kind. And she’s seen a lot of query letters in her role as columnist for The Writer magazine. You’ve met her here before in four previous posts. Now she has gathered all her memoir critiques in one YouTube location.

Her last memoir query critique got two thumbs up! Watch below:

What have you learned about memoir by watching Marla? What else would you like to know from her? She’s generously answered questions here before. I’m sure she will again. Don’t you just love Mikey? Wasn’t it fun to see him again?

You can learn a lot about what grabs and keeps an agent’s attention by watching Marla Miller critique query letters. Often she makes substantive revision suggestions. Here are a few Marla liked. Watch and learn:

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