It’s finally here.

My mother has been talking about this day for the last six months.

“Can you believe I’m going to be ninety?” she asks in genuine amazement every time I talk with her.

Her five children, their spouses, children, their spouses, and their grandchildren now number 46.

And all of us are celebrating with her.

High School senior

High School senior, 1945

The queen mother.

The queen mother. Photo: Linda Zeranko


BLUSH readers, be sure to note the white shoes. May 17, 1947

BLUSH readers, be sure to note the white shoes. May 17,1947


Bananagrams, Mother's Favorite game

Bananagrams, Mother’s Favorite game, 2016, Photo by Henry Hershey


Laughing under the weeping willow tree, 2016.

Laughing under the weeping willow tree, 2016. Sue, me, Mother, Henry, Linda. Photo by Joyous Snyder

The 90th birthday is today, February 27, 2017,

but the big party will be this Saturday March 4.

All family members have been planning for months and everyone is contributing.

I’m especially eager to share a video which started 70 years ago and was only finished last week.

Some unknown member of the extended family invested in a movie camera and color film.

Mother and Daddy had neither a movie camera nor a projector, so the film the movie photographer took at their wedding went into a can.

Somehow the can survived the downsizing moves of the last decades.

Sister Doris took the film to the camera store. Her son John put the digital version on YouTube.

We then had a 2-3 minute silent movie.

Mother remembered two songs from the wedding and the fact that there was a quartet.

Sister Sue found a picture of the quartet.

My nephew Clay Showalter, a videographer and musician, helped take photos my brother sent and I had on my computer and turned the old footage into a 4-minute movie.

We’ll be showing it at the party on Saturday.

Half of me says, “Wait, don’t share now!”

But the other half says, “No one can see this too many times!” Mother saw it once to approve the content.

She said it made her want to cry.

After the party, she’ll have it on her iPad and can watch as many times as she wants.

It’s her party, and she’ll cry if she wants to.

If you want to wish Mother a Happy Birthday, please leave a comment below.

Also, any birthday memories you want to share of your own mother are welcome here, too.

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